On the weekend of 24-25th May, WORM, PrintRoom and Rekult present Zine Camp, an open workspace connecting like-minded zinesters and newbies from Rotterdam to national/international zinesters and newbies. The aim is to make zines* together, but also to provide a space and place to socialize and collaborate in an attempt to discover and foster a growing community of zine-makers in the NL. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free so no excuses! Drop by!

This event is part of WORMs broader theme this month - Underground Publishing.

It is also initiated by WORM and Creating 010

*Zines are DIY periodicals, traditionally self-published on printed format. They've been published by science-fiction, music and soccer fans, political dissenters, activists, or just people who want to share ideas or aspects of their personal life. Most zines are grassroots products of underground, fringe or alternative publishing and distribution and have been largely ignored by mainstream publishing. However, this is by no means restrictive to what a zine can be. Experimentation with form, technical execution, concept, or (ideological) function is more than welcome to open up the possibilities of what a zine can be today, i.e audio zine, film zine, super 8 zine, etc.

==Location 1==
Stichting WORM
Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012 XA Rotterdam
==Food and sleeping==
You can buy a cheap dinner at WORM. For visitors coming from abroad, we can help in finding accommodation.
* Thursday, 08th, May.
Dishwasher Pete has confirmed! He will be opening Zine Camp with a talk about his zine-making days!!!!!

* Monday, 19th, May.
@ PrintRoom
- Selection of zines from Mexico by Enrique Arriaga curator of zinoteca Museo del Chopo. Enrique Arriaga, is curator at Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City and coordinator at its Fanzinoteca.
- Selection of zines from the collection of Christian Greer. Greer is Ph.D researcher and lecturer at UvA. He presents a selection of his American anarcho-esoteric underground zines from the '60's '70's and '80's.
-ZINE ONE: INSERT TEXT HERE Workshop by Basje Boer & Chantal Rens.

* Tuesday, 20th, May.
We are excited to announce that Longhand Publishers by Indianen Antwerpen, a collaborative book making installation is coming to Zine Camp on both days!

Woodstone Kugelblitz is presenting their publications made with their 1920's Gestetner stencil machine and they hope to meet future contributors.
Open tables @ WORM
Place to make zines and share knowledge. This will be scattered throughout the WORM venue.

Presentations & talks @ WORM (30 min talks)
* Opening speech by Old Grumpy Dogs (Sat)
* Lecturama #8 New Age Activism by Hinde Chaâtouf & Nikki Rosa Ootjers (Sat)
* Woodstone Kugelblitz (Sat)
* Rekult (Sat)
* PrintRoom (Sat)
* Lukas Simonis + Alfred Boland + PJ Roggeband: grumpy old dogs bark about the past (Sat)
* Skype conversation with Enrique Arriaga (Sat)
* Pete Jordon (aka Dishwasher Pete) (Sun)
* Zines of the Zone (Sun)

Pecha kucha, zine 'open mic' @ WORM (5 min talks)
Roald de Boer, plus whoever is brave enough on the day!

Special events @ WORM all weekend
- Speed dating for zinesters (Peter, Chiara, Charlotte, Suyin),
- Accordian station to collaborative make zines by Rachel Sender
- Longhand publishers by Indianen Antwerpen, a collaborative book making installation with 3 parts: 1 design workstation, a short printing station and a mini shop.

Reading tent by Chiara Arkesteijn @ WORM
Quite space to read zines and an audio installation to listen to stories by Dishwasher Pete.

Stalls: Rekult is organising the stalls @ WORM

Here is a list of the things we will have. We try our best to provide the basic tools and materials, however for special things please bring your own.

2 x Photo copy machine
1 x Guillotine
Risograph *
Cutting mats
Bookbinders glue
felt markers
A3 + A4 paper
Stapler machine
sewing machine

* With a small fee for materials, you can use the risograph or attend a workshop on risographs at Printroom.

Amy Wu & Tim Braakman


Chiara Arkesteijn, Suyin, Peter Vianen, Charlotte Tasma
Grumpy old dogs: Lukas Simonis (Als Moeder Sterft?), Alfred Boland (Knust/Extrapool), PJ Roggebrand (HeerPeejee /Ha Fijn!)
Rachel Sender
Zines of the Zone
Chantel Rens
Basje Boer
Daniel Bennett and Albert Jongstra
Julie Thissen
Roald de Boer
Pete Jordan (Dishwasher Pete)
Christian Greer
Enrique Arriaga
Florian Cramer
Longhand Publishers by Indianen Antwerpen
Woodstone Kugelblitz (Charlotte and Teun)

+ more needing confirmation

==Location 2==
Schietbaanstraat 17
3014 ZV Rotterdam

Exhibition @ PrintRoom
* Selection of zines from Mexico by Enrique Arriaga curator of zinoteca Museo del Chopo. Enrique Arriaga, is curator at Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City and coordinator at its Fanzinoteca.
* Selection of zines from the collection of Christian Greer. Greer is Ph.D researcher and lecturer at UvA. He presents a selection of his American anarcho-esoteric underground zines from the '60's '70's and '80's.
* Selection of the zine collection from Florian Cramer
* PrintRoom zine collection, selected at the NY art book fair and other occasions

Workshops: Saturday 24th
---Ongoing button making workshop @ PrintRoom

--- Risography workshop by the PrintRoom team @ PrintRoom. 15:00 - 18:00.
This workshop will introduce you to basic stencil printing and zine production. Each participant will produce their own edition of an A5 16 page (or smaller) zine. You can work on a prepared project or improvise and collaborate.
Please register at info@printroom.org
Costs: 30€ (materials included)

--- LOST & FOUND: Storytelling in Zines @ WORM by Beatrice Clarke & Daniela Maffeo. 15:00 - 16:45.
What stories do zinesters tell? How do they tell them?
Learn how to create compelling content for your zines that will intrigue and delight your readers. Come away from this workshop with a group zine of short stories and a head full of ideas! 12 participants maximum. To sign up email your name to beatrice.honey.clarke@gmail.com

Zine Camp is a collaboration between WORM, PrintRoom and Rekult and is held at two Locations.

WORM will offer its space to provide a stage, lots of working spaces, materials, workshops and a place to present your creations on the spot. Also the WORM shop will arrange a special collection to match with Zine Camp.

WORM is the main venue of Zine Camp. WORM, Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation, is a venue and workspace for DIY experimental music, club events, talks, film and media hacking. 

PrintRoom presents a variety of zine-collections with diverse material from different zine-scenes, contemporary as well as historical. A program of talks by collectors reveal some special zine-interests as diverse and quirky as: Mexican Punk, Neoist, Queer-Zines and Anarcho-Esoterica.

PrintRoom is a presentation space and shop dedicated to artists' publications. The space hosts talks, presentations, book launches, and workshops that explore artistic strategies of independent publishing. PrintRoom also houses a risography stencil workspace.

For Zine Camp ReKult organises the 'Zine Forest', a participatory exhibition including some of their large collection. ReKult will also arrange a number of stalls where zines can be bought, sold or swapped.
ReKult is a not for profit association offering an open platform which contributes to the development of society through socio-cultural and artistic projects and activities. ReKult has been responsible for the Amsterdam Zine Jam

Workshops Sunday 25th

--- ZINE ONE: INSERT TEXT HERE by Basje Boer & Chantal Rens @ PrintRoom. 14:00 - 17:00
Artist Chantal Rens and writer Basje Boer, who both flirt with the absurd on a regular basis, have the necessary experience with do-it-yourself publishing. During this workshop they will combine practical tips on how to put together a zine with stimulating ideas on imaginative content, the main question being: How do you combine text with images? What playful or innovative ways can we think up to do this?

--- Instant Zine @ WORM by Charlotte Tasma. 15:00 - 16:45
Make your own zine without even using the stapler!
In this workshop you will make a small zine with a simple folding method. Tell your own little story about your life and share it with the others at Zine Camp. It's fun, and so easy you can make one of your favourite moment each day! Please contact Charlotte to inscribe or for questions: charlottetasma@gmail.com

---Bookbinding @ WORM by Julie Thissen. 15:00 - 18:00
This workshop is about bookbinding and learning how to get the most out of the basic binding techniques. With a minimum amount of tools and machines you will learn how to make professional looking (small) books. The workshop will present you with the theory and practice needed to master the basics. You’ll be surprised by the wide range of high quality results you can obtain with just these basic but precise techniques. These will enable you to further explore bookbinding autonomously.

All the tools and materials will be provided for the workshop but if you have prints or special types of paper that you’ve always wanted to turn into a book, bring them along!
10-13 people maximum. Please contact Julie to inscribe.

--- CryptoParty, underground zines @ WORM (Wunderbar)
Copy machines and paper for this event were generously donated by Ophuysen
Workshops: Saturday 24th

--- Woodstone Kugelblitz publisher @ WORM. Anytime between 15:00 - 19:00.
Woodstone Kugelblitz is a small publisher publishing books about art in daily life. Their publications can have for its subject; an apartment that they lived in or a trip that they made in homemade vehicles. They also publish a free newspaper called L'Intolerant promoting art, poetry and insurrection, printed on a 1920's Gestetner stencil machine. At the Zine Camp they will present their publications and presses (yes, 2!) and hope to meet future contributors. There's also the possibility to do a workshop with their machine.

--- Superglue workshop @ WORM (Wunderbar). 13:00 - 17:00
More info on deaf festival website.

Workshops Sunday 25th

---Paper marbling @WORM by Rachel Sender. 14:00 - 15:30
Paper marbling is a method that can produce results similar to smooth marble or other stones. This workshop will show you the basics and you will easily be creating surprising, stunning results. Make your own collection of marbled textures to use as book covers, integrate in collages or to decorate your walls. You'll be surprised at how easy it is! It's infectious and you won't want to stop! You can experiment with different kind of surfaces if you bring them along, like wood, ceramic or plastic. There will be a selection of papers available.

8-10 people maximum. Please contact Rachel to inscribe. info@rachelsender.com